SEO is Commerce on steroids!


It’s funny just how much SEO is really an extension of how we expect things to work outside of the search box.

Think about it:

Write good content to suit whatever your audience wants and you get rewarded.

Write content that everyone wants and loves and you get rewarded.

Get a leg up from a few other authorities in your area of expertise in the form of links then you get rewarded.

It’s much like the plight of a young business person entering the world of Commerce. They go to school to gain experience and authority in terms of a qualification and then is rewarded.

Then they get an idea and leverage what they already know and have done to move up like the way we go about gaining contacts and a job. Or how content marketers attract attention to their work to gain a following and authority.

I know myself I’ve often thought what the next step in becoming as valuable as possible to the marketplace. Whether that was learning new skills, studying, interning or seeking out the best sources of information possible.

Hit reply and tell me about some of the big steps your business has taken recently to be the best it can be in 2018.